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  • A

    Ahan GhoshJan 7, 2014 at 9:25 am

    So you believe that the USA sets examples for other countries?
    It is true that the ignorance of the general American population towards the cultures of the world is very disappointing but it is in fact a very petty issue. Doesn’t the USA already lose the title of being ‘exemplary’ every time it bombs innocent people or declares wars on entire nations in the name of democracy?

    • D

      DerrickMay 21, 2015 at 5:58 pm

      True, but that is a whole different level of issues. Cultural norms and the expectations of society are shaped, for the most part, independent of political issues.
      By this of, course, I don’t mean that political issues do not fuel prejudices, as is clearly countered by the racism created by slavery and the stereotyping fueled by the war on terror. What I do mean is that American culture is IDEALLY detached from any political agendas – people knowing about other cultures does not make bombings okay, but it does make American cultural knowledge okay.
      Additionally, America is not the only country that participates in wars or bombings, so it’s not as if the US is the one and only country touting its politics and fighting for it – many countries are currently doing this, and they all are equally responsible for their actions. The level of harm, though, is completely irrelevant to the issue in Mukhopadhyay’s article – the US government bombing a country has nothing to do with the importance of a high school student (who is clearly quite detached from the bombing process) knowing about other countries.

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