Boys Basketball takes an unfortunate loss to Portola

Staff Writer
Boys Basketball lost against Woodbridge by a tight scoreline of 84-78 on Tuesday the 8th. Despite the loss, the team was still able to reflect and analyze on strategies and how to improve their play style.
Coach Mike Dinneen reflected on what the team could have improved on, and was thankful for the efforts of one player to keep the team going.
“We just let them score too easily and gave them too many opportunities. [Junior] Sam Aryan however contributed to our effort with 20 points and 8 rebounds,” Dinneen said.
Junior Will Stenta responded similarly to Dineen saying, “Our team had a rough night overall. We’ll just have to look forward to our next games.”
Evidently, there wasn’t a major reason to why the team lost, the players just performed poorly together.
“We played bad as a team, we didn’t have the right mindset going into the game and now we are 0-3 with our backs against the wall. We need to start figuring out things fast or we won’t be a playoff team,” junior Saman Hedayat Far said.
Although sophomore Kody Uyesugi recently performed well on this season, he agreed that his team did not give it their all that night.
“We played poorly. We needed a better team effort getting recounds and playing better defense. I thought the offense was fine, it was just the other end of the court,” Uyesugi added.
Despite the loss, many of the players such as junior Jonathan Lin were still optimistic towards the rest of the season.
“Our team has been struggling recently, and I hope we can change that. If we work harder, I know we’ll start winning some games,” Lin said.
Boys Basketball will face off next against Beckman on the 15th.