Boys Tennis pulls off a last minute victory against Harvard Westlake

Staff Writer
Boys Tennis won against Harvard Westlake 10-9 on Tuesday, February 19. The team was ecstatic after they triumphed over Westlake due to a string of close losses in previous years.
Junior Soomin Lee was concerned during the first matches, as Harvard Westlake had a undefeated 2018 season.
“We all came in an attitude that we were going to lose, but after the first couple matches we started getting pumped up. As the match went on, we got more emotional and it got close, as the score became 8-9, us down,” Lee said.
Initially, there was a miscalculation in the score of the match, causing University to appear to lose the match.
“Everyone calculated the score wrong so our hearts dropped knowing we lost… a rush in energy came within our team but also quickly disappeared, because we needed to play 18 tiebreakers to see who wins. But we calculated the score one last time and realized we actually ended up winning by like three games, which was really cool,” Lee added.
The game ended up fluctuating both on the scoreboard and in the minds of many of the players, yet in the end persistency and belief got the win for the boys.
Many of the players, such as Junior Cameron Sepahi, did not feel confident about the game at first, but as the game went on the momentum quickly shifted and the boys’ mindset completely changed.
“It went really well. Initially, we did not expect to win as we believed we were at a big disadvantage because we were away at Harvard Westlake courts with so many people there to support [their] team. However, after the first couple matches, we realized that we could win as everyone contributed and held their parts. It came down to 9-9 matches tied, and we pulled through,” Sepahi said.
Boys Tennis next game will be away on February 26 against San Clemente.