Pollyanna Leung performs “Let it Go”

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Pollyanna Leung performs “Let it Go”
Pollyanna Leung (Jr.)
Pollyanna Leung (Jr.)

Pollyanna Leung’s (Jr.) cover of the Disney hit song, “Let it Go” by Idina Menzel can be viewed at http://goo.gl/sf9dBC.  Leung enjoys this song because of both its rhythmic appeal and the significant meaning behind its lyrics. She said, “As high schoolers, we can relate to its message to be independent, because we’ll all be off to college in a year.”

As a child, Leung loved to listen to the works of Andrew Lloyd Webber, composer of The Phantom of the Opera. She had a DVD of Webber’s 50th Birthday Celebration Concert at the Royal Albert Hall in 1998 and played it on repeat, always skipping to the three Phantom songs on the track. Leung said, “My parents thought I was a weird kid. Phantom of the Opera is still my favorite musical.”

Leung developed her talent as a singer by participating in various play productions throughout elementary school. During freshman year at UHS, Leung joined Madrigals. She believes that her experience in Madrigals has enabled her to explore various genres of music and gain confidence as a performer. Leung said, “Since there were singers from all grade levels, there were different levels of experience, so we all could learn from each other.”

Throughout her musical journey, Leung has successfully participated in various competitions. She was one of the top seven contestants in the American Stars talent competition on the ICN TV Network and a semifinalist in the LA Spotlight Awards. Leung was also recognized statewide by the PTA with an Award of Merit for her musical composition.

While Leung specializes in classical singing, she also sings musical theater and pop music. She believes, “There is something about singing and music in general that allows people to bond that can’t be done with words.”

Leung admires Ariana Grande among many other performers because, she said, “She is so effortless in her singing, and she has great technique.” Leung is also inspired by musical actress Sarah Brightman, whose proactive pursuit of her career motivates Leung “to keep working and creating no matter how successful [she] may be.” Even so, Leung’s all-time favorite singer is Whitney Houston because of the skillful fusion of classical and pop influences in her music. Houston’s powerful aura onstage has inspired Leung to evolve her identity as a performer.


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