Uni Life: a poem

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Uni Life: a poem
uni life
Illustration by Nancy Wu

Staff Writer
It seems like I do
Everything my teachers tell me to.
With 30 other students in my class,
How can I ever be original?
How can I ever come up with an idea
I can call my own?
How can I write something
that isn’t already chiseled in stone?

It seems like everyone has the same routine:
Wake up.
Go to school.
Go home.
Rinse, and repeat.

It seems like every story has already been told,
Like people are copying the done and the old.
Romeo and Juliet is Pyramus and Thisbe,
Jane Eyre is Harry Potter, or could you not see?
Those resemblances are clear.
Are mine as well?
There are only seven stories in this world,
Which one does my life tell?

We all want to write the eighth,
But can we really if we do the same thing?
We are all cogs in the same machine.

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