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Goodbye, Mr. Georgino
Mr. Georgino works in his office for the last few months before he leaves Uni after 10 years. (Danya Clein)

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“I’m not really one for giving words to students, but I think that students should listen to themselves and not me,” is the last piece of advice Mr. Michael Georgino (Admin) has for UHS students. “I think that generally speaking, people make good decisions and as long as you are acting with good intentions and thinking about how you can positively impact things, that’s going to lead you to good choices in life and in school.”

After serving as a former AP Political Science/Economics teacher and the assistant principal for the past ten years, Georgino will continue his educational endeavors as the new principal at Jeffrey Trail Middle School. His experience with middle school students began with his previous work at Brookhurst Junior High School in Anaheim, California.

“In middle school, students are learning to figure out what they’re interested in and about themselves. The focus is more on learning the skills of that moment, whereas here [high school] everybody’s focused on getting into college or figuring out what they’re going to do after high school,” says Georgino.

His work at UHS has enabled more students to be successful in high school and the rest of their educational careers. He sheds light on one of his most significant contributions, saying, “Working with some of the teachers here, we transformed the ELD program to allow ELD1 newcomers more access to graduation classes and get them a more complete course of study. I’ve worked with the counselors to really revamp our intervention program to make sure we have support for students who struggle, and that support includes the mandatory office hours program.”

Georgino’s personal mission in working with schools is to “create a community that allows students to explore their interests and take risks and follow their dreams and aspirations, to achieve what they want to, because they often times go above and beyond even what they think they can do.”


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