UHS Fine Arts Week Recap


UHS held its annual Fine Arts Week throughout the week of April 27 (UHS Trojan Army).

Sage Lamott, Staff Writer 

Fine Arts Week this year has looked different than previous installments of it but in conversation with senior and Fine Arts Liaison Hiromi Nishida, the passion for arts at UHS continues to shine through. 

“When we were planning Fine Arts Week, there were many changes due to [COVID-19],” Nishida said. “In general, Anjali and I were trying to air on the side of caution with our original plans, lining up entirely online events so that it couldn’t be canceled should our world change and restrictions tighten. As the week approached, we took the risk of live performances on Tuesday and Wednesday, and we are very thankful that they could happen for both cohorts to see.”

Fine Arts Week is especially near and dear to the student population because of the diversity of art provided for students. 

“Wow… there are so many favorite aspects,” Nishida said. “I think broadly, I loved seeing student performances for the first time this year live. The jazz band, Undertones, and dance company really made me feel so inspired and in awe; the talent Uni’s artists possess is incredible and I think it is a gift to witness their passion.” 

In a typical year, UHS has a larger range of elements and performances compared to this year.

“My favorite part of typical Fine Arts Week is when Uni Theatre Arts performs a section of their musical; it feels really gratifying, and garners the same across the board validation that a sports game would,” Nishida said. “Our goal was to highlight the arts disciplines that wanted a taste of that experience, and while different given the circumstances at hand, I am happy that some people got that performance opportunity.”

Performances from a variety of groups across UHS campus occurred on Latin Hill on April 27 and 28. 

“Performing during fine arts week was incredibly special to us, especially this year with the limited performing opportunities because it gave us an audience to perform for,” Junior and undertones captain Pri Singh said. “Undertones enjoyed it a lot because it meant that we got to see each other at rehearsals and converse, and that we finally got to perform.”

In addition to performances by various choir groups on campus, the UHS band department also planned a performance.

“This year was much different obviously due to Covid but the turnout this year was pretty much the same as years prior. The main difference was the fact that we were forced to move from the crossroads to play in a more open environment but even then it didn’t feel much different,” junior and drumline member Owen Stapp said. “Overall it was an enjoyable experience and I am glad I got to share some wonderful music during a time when it is desperately needed.”

In addition to performances and events, fine arts week this year highlighted a special feature from UHS Theatre Arts. The group curated a music video, based on the critically acclaimed film and musical La La Land, in collaboration with Univision. The video project aired on Friday as the finale for Fine Arts week. students praised the launch hosted on the YouTube streaming platform.

“Doing things in a synchronistic format was a little weird at first, but as the show progressed, things felt more normal, and by the time we filmed the final product, I felt that the system worked very well and didn’t feel weird anymore,” junior and UHS Theatre Arts member Gabriel Young said.

“It was definitely a very different experience acting for a camera vs. in the theater. So many more factors have to be taken into account when the viewpoint of the audience is moving,” senior Ariel Hurwitz said. “It was a really eye-opening experience to watch the camera crew work together with our director and choreographer to make something that would fit the new medium. I’m really thankful for the opportunity to be able to watch them work and be a part of the production.”