Parking changes to take place after IUSD resurfaces entire parking lot next summer

The solar-panel parking lot is currently delegated to juniors at UHS. (Jenny Li)

Staff Writer

Due to the Irvine Unified School District’s decision to repave the entire UHS parking lot next summer, the administration’s plan to move the junior lot from the front of the office to the less-crowded parking lot facing Culver has been postponed till 2017.

“The cost to restripe [and move] the junior parking lot was going to be rather large, and we would have done that,” Assistant Principal Mr. Kris Kough (Admin.) said. “[However,] the district told us that [the parking lot would be repaved] next summer, and it would be restriped anyway, so [if we moved the parking lot this year,] we would have spent thousands of dollars, [only] to have it redone next summer.”

The administration will move ahead with the restriping plan by 2017.

“If for some reason the District’s schedule for the new asphalt and lines is put back, we will probably restripe anyway,” Kough said.

The student safety concern has been a primary motivator for the administration to move the junior parking lot in the near future.

“The safety concern [with a congested parking lot] makes us nervous,” Kough said. “When you see something that looks like a potential risk of students getting injured, we want to reduce that risk.”

Besides increasing student safety, the administration believes that moving the junior parking lot is important to improve the flow of traffic.

“Containing student parking in the senior lot and moved junior lot will [open] the front area of the school [which is often congested],” Kough said. “Having two student-dedicated parking spots and one dedicated drop-off spot will alleviate some congestion and will speed up the drop off process in the front.”


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