Learning Lab at the library to help students receive class credit

Students participating in the Learning Lab and taking advantage of the library’s extended hours to do work (Sabrina Huang)

Staff Writer

The Learning Lab has been instituted in the school library for students seeking to obtain credits from courses they did not pass. The Lab offers a variety of courses, from math to different elective courses, and is largely computer-based. It is being held every Monday to Thursday, extending the library’s hours till 6 PM.

According to Ms. Shannon Lenert (Math Dept.), who is one of the coordinators of the Lab, each course is offered through the education website Edgenuity. Through the website, students can sign up for courses in which they can watch instructional videos and take tests to track their progress.

“[Students] can access their courses online and the lessons are taught [online],” Lenert said. “The program itself is video-based learning. [Students] do activities online and [then] take their tests and quizzes online.”

The courses offered are currently semester based so once the semester ends, as long as students complete their designated work, students can pass the class and receive the credits for the designated course.

The Learning Lab was previously held at Creekside Elementary School, but this year the District decided to institute the Lab at each school to better accommodate student needs.  

“The students used to go over to Creekside, but a lot of times students couldn’t get there,” Lenert said. “[As a result] the district decided to go ahead and have [the Lab] at the individual schools.”

Currently seven students are enrolled in the Learning Lab. According to Lenert, this number grows by the week as the school year progresses.

In order to enroll in the Learning Lab, students who lack class credit need to talk to their counselors to get them signed up.

“If students are deficient in credit, they should talk with their counselors,” Lenert said. “Their counselor can send a recommendation to the learning lab and we can sign them up and get them enrolled into their course and they just come in and do their work.”

Some students have responded enthusiastically to the implementation of the Learning Lab.

“I think [the Learning Lab] is a great idea [because] it allows the students to focus on courses [besides those taken in school],” Frankie Son (So.) said. “It’s a better method than repeating a full course [because] it’s more efficient and it allows the student[s] to fill in the missing spots instead of going through the whole [course].”

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