Girls Volleyball wins 3-2 Against Portola

Staff Writer

Girls Volleyball triumphed over Portola with a tiebreaker of 15-12 after winning the third and fourth periods Thursday night.

“We just knew that it’s spirit night and this is our night,” junior Lily Krongold said. “We decided to show Portola that this is our house.”

The girls were at disadvantage during the first two periods and lost by 12-25 and 21-25. However, as the girls pulled together, they emerged victorious.  

Coach Garry Currier complimented on some of the stellar performances.

“[Junior] Serena [Choi] and [junior] Emma [Stapp] moved that ball so well,” Coach Currier  said. “[senior] Amanda [Schuler] and [senior] Grace [Fan] … have to go with [junior] Lauren [Cho] as well, when she got in there she was able to take control her ball all the way through.”

Impressively, the middles and the opposites played well defensively position.

“They really pulled through and got a lot of kills and bumps,” Choi said.

Furthermore, Stapp stressed the importance of teamwork, emphasizing that the contributions of each one of the players despite the struggles they had to overcome.

“We started out kind of slow but we finished really well,” Stapp recalled. “Everybody worked hard.” 

“It’s my son’s birthday, they fought hard for me,” Coach Currier said. “They have always been coming together and being a union, I think this was what it should be.”

The girls’ next home game is on Thursday, October 4 at 5:15 p.m. against Woodbridge High School.

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