Boys Water Polo barely loses to Woodbridge in GOW

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Boys Water Polo barely loses to Woodbridge in GOW


Sophomore Matt Wallin prepares to shoot the ball.

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Boys Water Polo lost 14-10 against Woodbridge on Thursday, October 18. Their league record is now 18-10 with one game remaining in the season. The team also has a very good chance of making CIF. Although the team did not win, most of the players felt satisfied after the game as they improved their performance compared to the last time they played against Woodbridge.

Coach Jesse Briggs reflected on the team’s overall performance and what they should have worked on.

“The team played good defense, but we did not protect the ball very well. Everyone did good, especially seniors Aaron Marciano and Cameron Bernardo,” Briggs said.

Sophomore Stewart Campbell gave a positive response towards the outcome of the game despite the loss

“The game against Woodbridge went better than expected, they are the best team in our league and they are always a challenge to play against. Everyone played very well and losing by only four is a positive result, considering that we lost by ten last time we played against them,” Campbell said.

The boys were aware that they played much better than they did last time against Woodbridge. One player in particular, senior Daniel Bolotin also felt satisfied and thought that the team had gained motivation.

“We went into the game knowing that it would be a hard one, since our last game against Woodbridge was not a pretty sight. However we really stepped up as a team and made it a much closer game. Even though it ended in a loss, I think the difference between the two scorelines shows how much we progressed as a team,” Bolotin said.

Senior Pono Tsang had similar comments as his teammates when asked on what he thought his team did well.

“I think the game went really great. People were expecting a very one sided game for Woodbridge but we kept them at a four point difference and played way better than we did last time,” Tsang said.

Woodbridge has been a tough rival against University for a long time, and the younger players were well aware of it. Freshmen Victor Martin knew that his team would have to work hard in order to compete with Woodbridge.

“As a team, we played well. Even though we lost, we gave Woodbridge a tough fight at the first half. Woodbridge has been better than us for a couple years, but every year we are getting closer to them,” Martin said.

The team’s  next game will be a finale against Beckman on Tuesday, October 23.

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