New Counselor to Replace Ms. Jacobson Temporarily

Caitlyn Kim, Staff Writer 

A new counselor, Ms. Nancy Nguyen has stepped in this year for counselor Ms. Jacobson and is in charge of students with last names Ki-Mem. Mrs. Jacobson is on a leave of absence and is expected to be back next year.
Nguyen has had one year of experience working as a high school counselor in the Irvine Unified School District, having substituted for counselors at Northwood and Portola during the fall and spring semesters respectively. This is her second year counseling.
When asked about how she would handle college recommendations, she said she understands how daunting it may be for students who have not really had the time to get to know their counselor that well. 
“It’s something that I’ve dealt with in the past already… at Northwood I took over [the counselor’s] caseload and I got to know the students really well and ended up really loving it.” Nguyen said.
“[Uni] has been awesome. All the students are super nice and fun to talk to.” Nguyen said. “The counseling staff is really helpful with me getting accustomed to the norms of the school.”