Tales of UHS from the ’70s

Katelin Williams, Section Editor


John D’Annunzio, Class of ’73

“Our homecoming game, our senior year, we played against Laguna Beach and won. That was a good game for us… It’s been almost 50 years, and it kind of makes a bond [with each other]. When you go through that, those struggles and those victories and defeats together, it’s the kind you never forget.”



Ron Nichols, Class of ’75

“My favorite memory from high school was winning the South Coast League championships for football for the first time in Uni history. It was an amazing moment that I will never forget.”


Greg Wilder, Class of ’76

“While there were definitely some fun times, it would have to be my wife Robyn, my high school sweetheart. We’ve now been happily married for 41 years, but she and I were definitely different in high school. She was on the drill team and a soft-spoken cutie, while I was the class comedian getting the class clown to jump 15 trash cans across the street.”


Walter Baranger, Class of ’74

“We’re sitting around and everybody’s talking about the drug bust. And Mr. Hansen walks in and says ‘I’d like to address the class.’ He says, ‘I just want you to know that they didn’t get everybody last night. We know everybody who smoked a joint on this campus, and… we’re going to come after them.’ And a girl in the back went ‘Aahh!’ and ran out of the class.”



Lansing Otis, Civics Teacher

“Another fond memory is of one morning when I walked into my world history class and this class of creative freshmen had turned my desk and all their desks and chairs upside down. I just continued on with the lesson for that day while the student sat on the floor next to their desks.”