Morning Showers vs. Night Showers

Staff Writer

This is it. This is the question that separates girls from women and boys from men. The answer that will either cement you as a being of lower intelligence or a proper upstanding citizen that has the ability to lead the people into the future. The true test of knowledge: Morning Showers vs Night Showers.
When considering a shower there are a few questions you must ask: will you enjoy the shower, how long will you shower, and why are you going to shower?
I was informed that a percentage of the population seems to be misguided in believing that night is the correct time to shower. Let’s logically calculate the reasons why that may be the wrong choice. 
First. Will you enjoy a night shower? Maybe. You’ve come home after a long day. It was busy and stressful, but you finally made it home. You don’t care about the work or household duties to do, all you want is to walk into the nice hot shower and wash all your worries away. It is here that you can finally rest, your body cleansing itself as you clean your mental stress as the warm, wet water envelops you with comfort. But you could also be too lazy to put the time and effort into preparing clothes, showering, drying off when you could just easily jump into bed. That’s a personal preference. 
How long will you shower? Too long. It’s night. Tired and lazy, you are tempted to stay in the warm, inviting shower for longer than necessary. Not only does this enlarge your capillaries in your skin mores, leading to worse acne and skin redness; an article by Women’s Health states that if you have longer showers also lead to drier skin, especially in the winter time. It should not be overlooked that those who take long hot showers at night are often sad people, compensating for their lack of love and warmth. 
Why are you going to take a night shower? Some say that it helps them sleep. This is true. Due to your body’s natural circadian rhythms, the body warms up in the morning for the day and then cools down at night to sleep. While the shower may be warm and wet, when you dry off and the water evaporates from your skin , your body’s temperature will cool down significantly. This helps you  to go to bed, as it helps the natural circadian rhythm (this is also why you should not work out before sleeping, as it will be harder for your body to relax if it is hot and alert). But, if you do not want to go to bed, cough cough you dumb procrastinating students and league of legends players cough, a night shower is useless. If you’ve been at home all day, there’s nothing to wash off. Even if you have been out all day, why shower when there’s nothing to shower for. What really are you showering for? Your bed? Nobody cares if you go to bed clean, you’re going to sweat and leave your nasty aura on it anyways. If your bed becomes  dirty enough, you can just wash the mattresses and sheets, a much more sensible solution. 
I, as well as the many honorable top percentage of the world, choose to shower at the correct time: the morning. 
Will you enjoy a morning shower? No. But that’s the whole point. A shower is not a leisurely activity; a shower is an act of a routine. Not meant for enjoyment, a shower is there to fulfill a purpose, to clean one’s body and prepare yourself for the day. Nobody likes waking up and getting ready for the day. Nobody wants to get into that shower, exposing their bare skin to the sharp cold wind that beckons the end of comfort but it is a necessary evil. 
How long will you shower? Not long.  A nice, effective, short shower is the way to go. You clean yourself. Shampoo, conditioner , body wash, and done. No need to waste time wallowing or enjoying the warmth when the time to go to school or work is just minutes away. You do your job and you’re out. Ten minutes maximum.
Why are you going to take a morning shower? To get ready. A morning shower is just like how a soldier will don his gear before heading out to battle. A soldier will not do well in battle without his weapon and his armor, for he will be full of weaknesses and openings. The same goes for us. With a morning shower, you are forced to wake up and prepare yourself. The water that jolts you out of comfort signals the start of the day. A morning shower is also needed for the day. You are going to go outside, meet people, and enjoy life. How can you do that with a filthy body, all the grime and sweat from sleep stuck to you?  Nobody wants to be with a foul, filthy person, and with a nice morning shower your body will be ready for the trials to come. With a clean body and a prepared mind, you are ready to conquer any battle of the day. And then at the end of any long day, you can come home, relax and then sleep, knowing that you have a morning shower the next day to wake you up all again. 
There is a clear victor and clear loser in the age long question that is Night vs Morning showers. I urge you to switch sides and join the morning shower gang. It’s worth it, trust me.