Staying Productive During Quarantine

Harrison Hill

Within the past several weeks, COVID-19  has spread rapidly throughout Europe, Asia, and now the United States, forcing schools to close until the end of the school year. A stay-at-home order was put into effect, so with you trapped in your home indefinitely, what now?  Many people, including myself, were excited for school to be canceled until they realized they were going to be trapped within our homes for a month, so I sought out to discover how to stay productive during a time that reeks of procrastination. Through my extensive research, I have figured out a collection of helpful ways to stay productive while still staying safe. My personal method is called the Three C’s. The Three C’s are connection, community, and creativity. With those, you can stay productive throughout the next coming weeks. 
Connection  Although you may be stuck inside your home, you don’t need to lose connection. Call, text, or message a friend and stay in touch, especially during these trying times. Check in on a friend you haven’t talked to in a while or chat with your best friend to maintain a sense of normalcy. Just make sure to stay connected so that social distancing doesn’t become isolation.
Community  Volunteer and help the community or those who might need a little more help in times like these, such as the elderly or the disabled. In times of a global pandemic, one of the most important things to do is to build unity and compassion, because ultimately, we are all going through this together. 
Creativity  You need to find a way to better yourself either mentally or physically. Find a hard workout, read a book, or start to learn a language. As long as you are keeping your mind and energy stimulated, you are on the right track! The Three C’s will help keep you occupied and sane in the quarantine.
During extremely stressful times like these, your mental, physical, and emotional health should be your number one priority. To put yourself in the best position, create a structure at home. Plan out when you’re going to do homework, relax, and work out, and it will help provide comfort to you in a time of chaos. Make sure to do self-care, drink lots of water, and stay active. Additionally, make sure you remain mentally healthy and alert by always taking time for yourself and not focusing too much on the news or spending too much time on your phone, as it can be detrimental to your mental health.  
While I know this is an extremely difficult time for us all, please remember to practice social distancing by staying six feet away from the nearest person, and stay home unless absolutely necessary, as it is beneficial not only for your own health but others as well. And as you all know, wash your hands! Stay positive and have faith that we as a country will get through these tough days.