AP Calculus BC

Erin Jeon, Section Editor


  • At least a B in in Enhanced Math 3 (both semesters)
  • at least an A in Precalculus (both semesters)
  • at least a B in Honors Precalculus (both semesters)

Description of course study

  • The UHS calculus class follows the AP curriculum with the AB curriculum covered mostly in first semester and the BC curriculum covered mostly in second semester.
  • The curriculum revolves around integrals, differentials, and various applications of the two concepts.
  • An average day of class consists of a lecture and some time to get started on homework.

How to study for Calc BC

  • The workload is similar to that of any of your previous math classes.
    • There is homework assigned every day, and every unit has one test and at least one quiz.
    • To study for tests and the AP tests, reviewing class notes and redoing homework problems are the most effective studying methods. 
    • For both in-class tests and the AP tests, the teachers provide review problems or worksheets that are very helpful. However, these reviews do not always cover every single topic, so make sure you’re also doing your own studying. 
    • Both teachers are always available during office hours if you need extra help or have any questions.
    • In general, both teachers do a great job of preparing you for tests and the AP test.


  • The AP site has an overview of the curriculum as well as information on how the AP Calculus BC test is formatted and scored. You may also have assignments on AP Classroom.
  • Khan Academy has good videos and practice problems for reviewing for tests.
  • CalcChat has worked-out solutions for odd number problems in the textbook.
  • Paul’s Math Notes has helpful notes on Calculus topics that can come in handy if you miss class or need extra clarification on certain topics. The notes also include example problems with work out solutions.
  • CrackAP.com has Calculus BC practice tests that are helpful for when you’re preparing for the AP test at the end of the year.