Claire Choi, Copy Editor


  • IMPACT is a transition program for freshmen and new students. 
  • IMPACT mentors serve these students by helping them get acclimated to a new campus through icebreakers, tours, and group activities.


  • Giving tours of the campus 
  • Bonding activities with IMPACT groups 


  • Orientation Day: new students meet their IMPACT groups for the first time
  • IMPACT Connections: there are typically three other times that IMPACT groups meet at the beginning of the year to help new students get acclimated to the school environment


  • Mentor: This position requires mentoring and interacting with incoming freshmen and new students, in which mentors are expected to engage in all IMPACT connections.
  • Team Leader: This position requires prior IMPACT experience. There are typically five team leaders that assist Mr. Pate in IMPACT responsibilities, as well as mentoring their own groups.


  • Make an IMPACT on new students and help them feel more comfortable in their new environment 
  • Gain knowledge about the school as well as experience with guiding tours 
  • Gain leadership skills
  • Meet new people from all grade levels


  • There is a short application online to apply as a mentor or team leader, followed by an in-person (or virtual) interview with IMPACT team leaders
  • Visit for updates or contact Mr. Pate for more information at [email protected] 
  • Follow @uhsimpactprogram on Instagram for links and reminders!