Clubs Stay Active Online During COVID-19

Luke Liao, Staff Writer 

Amidst distance learning, clubs will continue to remain active and hold their meetings virtually. There is also a possibility that club meetings will be held in-person when students return to school.

“Clubs are still going to be active, though they will have to adapt to the online setting.” ASB Clubs Commissioner Henry Feuerborn said. 

Although COVID-19 has changed the environment of clubs, the core aspects will not be changed. When held virtually, clubs will still have an advisor present, the ability to have the same number of members, and the same meeting frequency.

Event-based clubs such as Model United Nations and Future Business Leaders of America will have to follow CDC, Orange County, and IUSD health guidelines if they are to engage in any in-person events.

Service clubs, including the Red Cross Club, will have to modify their approach to volunteering.

“Red Cross is a very event based club. There is little that we can do through a virtual setting… Once we get back, we hope it’ll be business as usual.” Maxim Sidko, president of Red Cross Club said.

Club meetings will be held through online platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet. A concern with virtual club meetings is non-members entering the meeting. To avoid this, the administration advises clubs not to share their meeting links online.

“I caution against advertising your Zoom link to anyone and everyone. Maybe have [interested members] reach out to get the link so you know who they are.” Assistant Principal Matthew Pate said.

Another concern regarding online club meetings is an impersonal environment, but clubs will try new methods to maintain engagement.

“Meetings may quickly become tiring since students will already be sitting and staring at a computer screen for hours each day. To prevent this, Ethics Bowl Club will transition from lecture-based meetings to discussion-oriented meetings. I’m optimistic that we’ll be able to find solutions and work out new approaches to accommodate these trying times,” Grace Jin, president of Ethics Bowl Club said. 

A district-wide email sent on Thursday stated that in-person instruction will begin September 24-25. When classes resume on campus, certain clubs may begin meeting in-person with precautions. There will be social distancing and masks will be required. Club meetings may be held outside to provide a safer environment for students to interact and meet with others.

“I think that as long as students stay patient and creative, they’ll figure out ways to keep meeting awesome people with similar interests to their own.” Feuerborn said.