Irvine Mayoral Candidates Prepare for Election

Irvine Mayoral Candidates Prepare for Election

Mohit Kosuru, Staff Writer 

Four candidates are running for Irvine mayor in the upcoming general election on November 3, including incumbent mayor Christina Shea, city councilwoman Farrah Khan, political columnist Katherine Daigle, and small business owner Luis Huang. 

Shea has been involved in Irvine politics for nearly three decades, first being elected to City Council in 1992 and staying involved since then. On April 3, 2019, she was chosen to be the the City of Irvine Mayor Pro Tempore when former mayor Don Wagner was elected to an Orange County Supervisor seat. She believes that with her experience and policies, she will continue to protect Irvine’s multicultural community. 

“I desire to continue to ensure we have a great educational system, the Safest City in America, strong and vibrant fiscal strength, [and] a clean and healthy environment,” Shea said. “I am the candidate with a history and experience to ensure we maintain balance and goodwill in our lovely city.”

Khan was elected to the City Council for the first time in 2018, making her a fairly new member of Irvine politics. Despite her recent entrance, she has endorsements from prominent Democrats such as Congresswoman Katie Porter and Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris. Khan’s campaign platform includes greater transparency with the public, addressing the housing crisis, and fighting climate change.

Huang identifies as a Democratic Socialist and believes in the importance of community members coming together to help those in need.

“Too many people in Irvine are apathetic to important issues affecting our community,” Huang said. “But it’s because we as a society have failed to express how important it is to elect officials that serve our city council and city hall, with ethics and morals and compassion.”

Daigle is a political columnist for and Christian Times Magazine. This is her fourth time running for Irvine mayor. 

In an interview with Irvine Weekly, Daigle said, “As mayor I will provide transparency, taxpayer accountability for the Great Park, transportation and budget, and introduce a homelessness task force.”

In addition to the position of mayor, two seats on the Irvine City Council will also be contested in the upcoming general election.