Noah Scherson: Athlete Of The Month


Noah Scherson, a junior wide receiver on Varsity football, was selected to be the August Athlete of the Month.

“I would describe Noah as a teammate who is selfless, he puts the goals of the team and program above his own” said junior Ziyad Merchant. “He sets ambitious goals and achieves them.”

Scherson developed a passion for watching football early in his life, which helped him transition into becoming an advanced player. 

“I got started when my dad wanted me to watch Superbowl 48. From there, I started watching highlights and decided to get my hands on a football” Noah Scherson said

Last season, Scherson had a team-high of 515 receiving yards and averaged 52.7 yards per game. Despite these achievements, he still looks to improve on his game.

“I plan on improving my game by studying some of the best in the game and correcting the mistakes I made last year,” said Scherson. “I am also trying to gain size and strength, [which was] a big weakness of mine last year”.

This determination, that he has exhibited throughout the past season, has led to him receiving praise from teammates.

“[Noah is a] great hard working guy, always the first one in practice,” said junior Patrick Bassily. “When I see Noah working so hard in practice, it motivates me and all the players to work harder”

His teammates describe him as a “leader-through-example”, gaining the team’s trust.

 “Noah is a perfect example of what a great teammate should be…he is passionate about the game and is highly motivated, putting maximum effort and dedication into every practice,” said senior Julio Barron. “[Because of this], he balls-out [does well] every game”.

“He was our leading receiver last year as a sophomore, came a few yards away from breaking the Uni receiving yards record in a season last year,” said the Football Coach Chris Hernandez said. 

Noah hopes to make the best of his time in his high school football to help advance his plans for a similar future career.

“I want to break records and win games,” Scherson said. “The thing that motivates me is the brotherhood… [football] is one of the few games where you get knocked down over and over, yet you still have to get up and fight on for your team.”