Genshin Impact – An Analysis on Its Breakthrough Success



Just a few weeks after its debut, role-playing video game Genshin Impact has gained much popularity around the world with almost four million active players. Developed by Chinese company miHoYo, the game is available to play online with others or as a single player. 

The game starts off with your character and its twin in a mysterious land called Teyvat where you are soon attacked by a god-like entity, who captures your twin. The main goal of the game is to embark on adventures and quests in order to find your twin. As you level up in the game, you can unlock multiplayer so that you can play with up to four people. 

One of the most exciting parts of the game for many gamers though is not the actual plot of the story, but the graphics of the game. Genshin Impact’s anime-style visuals somewhat resemble an older fan-favorite, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Many reviewers compare Genshin Impact to Breath of the Wild because Teyvat shares a similar type of game-map to Hyrule. The maps of both games take place in an open world featuring green fields, castles, and fantasy-like cities.                                                                 

In Genshin Impact, the gameplay in Teyvat has been a huge success among gamers. According to the video game news and review company IGN, “the real star is Tevyat itself, a world that is absolutely bursting at the seams with possibilities.” The video game’s developers intricately designed Teyvat so that every corner of the world has collectibles, challenges, mini quests, battles, and multiple puzzles as well as boss fights. While playing, Teyvat looks stunning because of all the details miHoYo has put into the game, ranging from the colorful buildings and characters to the designs of more subtle objects like chests and statues. According to PC Gamer, a reviewer spent countless hours roaming around the world of Teyvat because of how amazingly the game has been designed.

As you progress through the game, you can unlock new characters that have their special abilities that make the game even more exciting. For example, a character named Kaeya allows you to travel over lakes by freezing the water, while another character, Venti, creates wind currents so that you can overcome obstacles like tall mountains. Multiple game reviewers note that every time a new character or feature of the game is unlocked, the way they play Genshin Impact completely changes.

One of the main features of Genshin Impact is the gacha system, in which players unlock new features through luck-based rolls. There are many places for players to find treasures throughout the game because of its detailed map. In Genshin Impact, gamers can collect the in-game currency Primogems to earn rewards and gifts. However, there is a drawback of this style of gameplay: the dismal draw rates of certain items. Some 5-star characters, such as Venti, only have a 0.6% chance of being drawn when rolling for new items. Genshin Impact’s pull rates pale when compared to the drop rates of rarer items, ranging between 1% and 6%, in other gacha games such as Fate Grand Order or Fire Emblem Heroes. This has caused players to spend large amounts of real money to buy more Primogems in hope of having higher chances of unlocking these characters.  Players can also spend Primogems to have higher chances of rolling better weapons and equipment. 

Genshin Impact was first announced in June 2019 and its release on platforms like iOS, Google Play, and PS4 has made it available to almost everyone. If you like video games that include awesome graphics and fantasy-like gameplay, try taking a look at Genshin Impact.