Choir Spotlight of the Month: Meghana Krishnan


Meghana Krishnan has received leadership roles in the UHS choir program and extracurricular singing opportunities abroad. (Claire Ke).


Senior Meghana Krishnan is an 18 year-old singer who has spent eight years since fourth grade as a vocalist. However, she became immersed in the world of music at a younger age, starting from the moment she had set her fingers on the keys of a piano.
Currently in the UHS Madrigals, the advanced choir, and the Undertones, the UHS acapella group, Krishnan is known to be an outstanding singer among her peers as well as her friends. She is also vice president of UHS Choir Club and has dedicated a large amount of time to music outside of school by joining choirs at Carnegie Hall and the Sydney Opera House.
“There are so many things that I love about choir, but if I had to pick one, I would say it’s the experience of being part of the group. You get to be a member of a team, where everyone works together to produce a really cool outcome,” Krishnan said. “I especially love the moment when the harmonies of a song finally lock in, because it’s a really great feeling hearing everything come together.”
Undertone members sophomore Caitlyn Liao and senior Annika Thiim both have had positive experiences to share about the times they have spent with her.
“As a fellow alto, we always sang the same parts, and I always admired her sight reading skills and her singing skills in general. I could always rely on her to learn the music well and sing our part,” Liao said. “She was also one of the first people who welcomed me to the choir when I was a freshman. Even though she was a junior at the time, she was super nice to me and gave me advice, both about choir and about school.”
“Meghana is easily one of the most determined people I know, and this can be observed in everything that she applies herself to: school, choir, and tennis to name a few,” Thiim said. “I have noticed that she has a way of making people around her feel welcome and appreciated.”
Krishnan has been continuously optimistic despite the lack of normalcy during the past year.
“I find what helps me stay motivated is keeping the mindset that there’s always something to improve. There’s no such thing as a perfect singer, so I just keep looking forward to improving and working on whatever I can, and that makes me want to become a better musician,” Krishnan said.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Krishnan and fellow choir students have not been able to work on any major projects. Instead, they have been recording and digitally assembling songs through an online platform. However, the choir program has slowly returned to performing as usual.
“One recent thing I’ve been a part of in Undertones is rehearsing to perform at Irvine Talks, which is really exciting as it’ll be my first performance this year,” Krishnan said.
As vice president of the choir club, Meghana has also been working with her peers to plan a virtual Cabaret Night similar to their annual in-person Cabaret Night.
“The theme is musical theatre, and it’s going to be a compilation of solos and small group performances from students in the choir department,” Krishnan said. “We are also working on initial plans for a Senior Showcase in May, so I’m looking forward to that as well!”
Throughout her time at UHS as a singer, Krishnan has been a mentor and a friend to many of her peers. Singing has been a part of Krishnan’s life for many years, and Krishnan plans to continue her involvement with music after high school.