Visual Arts Spotlight of the Month: Marta Meinardi


Marta Meinardi has worked with nature, sports, and motion photography in the past and plans to pursue photography in the future (Marta Meinardi).

Kristopher Zulueta, Staff Writer 

Photography is a part of all our lives, whether it be taking photos of your friends and family, looking at pictures in a book, or someone taking a photo of yourself. Nominated for her excellence in photography by visual arts and photography instructor Ms. Hali Kessler, senior Marta Meinardi has been a photographer since she was 14 years old. She has since furthered her interest in photography during her junior and senior years of high school and was nominated as a semi-finalist for the 2021 OC Artist of the Year: Computer-assisted Visual Arts Award.
This interest came naturally when she was young, as she would watch nature documentaries and loved the idea of being able to capture fleeting moments. Her mom was also involved in photography, providing an environment for Meinardi to expand her interest in photography. Through photography, Meinardi has found a way to show people her real experiences and to create a personal connection that goes beyond a view of something on paper.
“A good photograph should be able to capture a moment in a way that also conveys emotion in who ends up seeing it,” Meinardi said. “Just because a photo is technically perfect, doesn’t mean it’s a ‘good’ one.”
Meinardi has worked well with taking photos of nature, sports, and other motion-related subjects. She has also found her strengths in finding the right angles and good timing. However, she acknowledges that she still has more photography techniques to perfect.
“[My weaknesses] definitely lie in still life and portraits. I have a lot to learn about posing and composition which is where Mrs. Kessler has been amazing in helping me out with this year,” Meinardi said.
Outside of photography, Meinardi has pursued other interests such as graphic design and athletics. Meinardi is involved with UHS cross country and track teams. She has committed to the University of Denver to compete on their Division 1 triathlon team and plans to continue her artistic interests by pursuing a minor in film and photography.
Meinardi continues to take photos, working on photos for the UHS yearbook this year. To see some of Meinardi’s photography skills put to work, feel free to visit her own website dedicated to her photos and services in the link down below.
*Disclaimer: Marta M. was nominated by Ms. Hali Kessler. The Sword and Shield was not involved in the recognition process.