Girls Soccer Lose in Close Match vs. Capistrano Valley High School


Amitis Tajallaei, Staff Writer 

In their second pre-league game, Girls Soccer lost 0-2 against Capistrano Valley High School on March 9. The game marked their first loss of the season; however, the team has high hopes for the upcoming season. 
“We lost the game, but it is clear we have a lot of talent on the team, and we just need to learn how to work together and win the more challenging games,” senior team co-captain Mollie Kessler said. “I feel really good about this season because I think we have a lot of potentials to find success in the upcoming games.” 
Other players were more critical of the team’s performance during the game. Senior Emily Edgett believes that the team needs to strengthen their defense and better their teamwork and communication on the field.  
“We’re a dominant forward team, but sometimes we all go up too far and get caught out, so we need to work on slowing it down and working with each other to then go forward as a team, not just on individual effort,” Edgett said. 
Even though the team did not score any goals during the game, junior Gwen Sanders believes that the game was an effective learning experience. 
“Despite our loss, I think we worked well individually, and it helped us gain knowledge for what we need to improve on for the season,” Sanders said, “I am looking forward to working together as a team and making the most out of the opportunity we have to play during the pandemic.”
Some players attributed the team’s loss to restricted practices. Restrictions are placed on the games and practices to comply with health guidelines provided by the California Department of Public Health. However, due to the recent distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, the restrictions have loosened, making practices more effective. 
“Because of the restrictions, we weren’t allowed to have any form of contact, so practice was mostly passing from far away distances and getting some shots on goal. We weren’t allowed to have any sort of real practice and had to follow the restrictions,” senior co-captain Myla Rodrigues said, “Now that we are allowed to have minimal contact, we are full-out practicing now, putting in hard work and encouraging each other.”
Shots on goal is the number of goal attempts that are on target. Practicing goal-scoring techniques enables the team’s attack power by refining the players’ accuracy and creative playmaking abilities. 
 Co-captain Rodrigues said that to make up for a lost time, the team has been putting in extra work during practice. However, some players worry that the challenging practices paired with the pandemic restrictions may pose a threat to the teams’ physical safety. 
“My only real concern is everyone staying healthy and taking care of their bodies because of how many games and practices we are doing,” Rodrigues said. “Of course, there are things we always need to improve on, and I’m pretty confident we are going to have a great season and come out of it proud of what we accomplished.” 
The team has a current overall score of three wins and one loss. Their next match is scheduled for March 26.