Girls Lacrosse Defeats Woodbridge


Amitis Tajallaei, Staff Writer

After defeating Woodbridge 11-8, the UHS Girls Lacrosse team marked their third league game. This game was the team’s third consecutive win in the league.

Within the first 10 minutes of the game, the team was able to score four goals. Then senior midfielder Mya Wang, assisted by sophomore midfielder Kelly Tou, scored the fifth goal, widening the score gap over Woodbridge. 

“Goaltending was solid, and our defense did an amazing job sliding and crashing to limit the number of Woodbridge goals,” Tou said. “Almost all of our goals were assisted. We were able to connect our passes to utilize our fast break to our advantage.” 

The team advanced quickly and maintained a lead over Woodbridge the entire game. They scored seven goals in the first half of the game. 

“Our offense was fearless when it came down to taking shots” junior team co-captain Zoe Saito said. “The game against Woodbridge was interesting because their goalie is extremely skilled… but our determination outweighed all odds and allowed us to score a total of 11 points.” 

At the end of the first half of the game, junior attacker Yade Cinar took a shot at Woodbridge’s net and scored the final goal of the first half. Then, within the first minute of the second half, senior midfielder Madeleine Lalonde scored. From there on, within the next five minutes, Tou scored twice. 

“I feel that in our match against Woodbridge, our team chemistry is what helped us win the game,” Cinar said. “Everyone put in the extra effort to pick up ground balls and cause turnovers, and it definitely paid off. I think the key to winning was quick ball movement and working together to run plays rather than one person consistently driving to goal.” 

Senior midfielder Sydney Field scored the match’s final goal. The game ended with the team scoring 11 goals, seven of which were assisted. Senior goalie Mady Price praised the team’s communication on the field, and she said that the key to winning the game was the team’s grasp of the fundamentals of lacrosse. 

“[The players] are a really strong group of girls that can communicate well and readjust and adapt quickly to harder teams and tricky plays,” Price said. “I think the key to winning a game is communication and possession, and our coaches always tell us that we can control what happens in the game as long as we keep possession of the ball, and that is something we have improved on, and it shows.”

The team has a current league score of four wins and no losses. Their next match is scheduled for April 26th.