Girls Volleyball Faces Defeat Against Beckman


Emily Sun

The team huddles to discuss strategy.

Alex Meng, Staff writer

The Girls Varsity Volleyball team endured a loss at their game against Beckman High School on Tuesday, September 7th, with a final score of 0-3.

Although the game did not go their way, the UHS team delivered an energetic game showcasing numerous kills and successful blocks that intercepted many of Beckman’s offenses.

“Even though we didn’t win, we had some really great highlight moments that show our potential for the rest of the season,” junior Allison Rodriguez said. “Our energy was up the entire match, and we celebrated each other every chance we got.”

Rodriguez’s all-out defense successfully intercepted many of Beckman’s spikes and created numerous opportunities for the team to recover and get back to lead the offense.

After the game, the team gathered and reflected on their performance.

“Something we could have done better was to not let Beckman get as many runs as they did because they are beatable, just as any team is,” junior Katrina Soto noted.

Rodriguez concurred by saying that “we could improve on minimizing unforced errors and playing with consistency throughout the game.”

Coming back from a year characterized by the hardship caused by the pandemic, the team has set new goals, and their ambitions are high.

“I hope for our team to continue to grow as a team and for us to never let adversity stop us because we can do anything we set our mind to,” Soto said, “I believe that with the help of our great coach and our dedication and hard work, we can win CIF!”

Speaking about adjustments due to COVID-19, the volleyball team had a whole new look this past year. With new team members and brand new coaching staff. However, through the team’s hard work and collaborations with the coaches, the team overcomes this acclimation and is ready for a whole new season.

Following this loss, the girls’ varsity volleyball team delivered four statement victories against Northwood, Irvine, Laguna Hills, and Woodbridge, with their next game against Portola.