Girls Golf Suffers Defeat Against Irvine


Radhika Trivedi

Freshmen Ally Kim preparing to swing.

Noah Scherson

The Girls Golf team suffered a loss against Irvine at home on October 7. The team lost the match with a score of 226-209. The game marked the team’s 3rd loss this season, and the current league standing is 8-4.

It was a tough match overall. Irvine has a roster with mostly upperclassmen, while the UHS roster featured a lot of freshmen for this game. That, paired with the windy conditions during the game, made for a tough match.

“It was one of our hardest this season,” senior co-captain Millie Batra said. “ I definitely struggled throughout this match as I was having a little trouble with the consistency of some of my clubs and did not shoot as well as I had hoped.”

The hardships came from missing 3 out of the 7 starters, including senior co-captain Sofia Brahe. Many younger golfers who lacked experience had to be put in the game for the team to be able to compete.

“A majority of our lineup was comprised of freshmen, some of which had never played in a match until now,’’ Batra said.

The team’s home turf, Strawberry Farms, has a mixture of longer and shorter holes. This puts the team at a disadvantage in the shorter holes because it chokes the team’s best weapon, the long drive.

“Several of our players hit quite far, and the longer holes are probably an advantage for some of us,” freshman Ally Kim said.

Kim managed to persevere through the pressure and windy conditions, shooting one under par, which means that she hit under the standard amount of swings for every hole. Through the hardships of this match and the loss, Kim is optimistic for the rest of the season.

“Our players have been rocking it, and we feel confident about our performance for each match because we all know each of our potentials,” Kim said.

Golf requires a lot of concentration which requires the player to remain calm. However, it becomes difficult to maintain composure when the players struggle with the game. Batra spoke of the improvements the team hopes to make.

“Golf is definitely a mind game, and it would benefit all of us to get out of our head sometimes after having a bad hole” Batra said, “It’s inevitable to hit a bad shot at some point in a round of golf, and that’s why it’s really important to focus on looking forward instead of dwelling on a bad score.”

After this week’s game of the week against Woodbridge, they have two home matches to finish off the season.