Arts and Humanities Month

Ryan Noorizadeh, Staff Writer

At University High School, the arts have always been a cornerstone of school culture. There are multiple clubs dedicated to the arts, and they comprise a vital arm of the school community. Likewise, the humanities are experiencing a resurgence of interest in UHS, turning what was once viewed as an uninteresting field of interest into the heart of a thriving community of creatives and hobbyists at UHS. 

October has, since 1993, been National Arts and Humanities Month, an annual celebration of both of these pursuits and how they intersect. National Arts and Humanities Month was founded with the goal of encouraging participation in the arts and humanities, both by raising public awareness and encouraging people to partake in them, such as the students of UHS.

Arts and Humanities Month encourages students to use arts to help center themselves, as it can help channel one’s creative energy and function as an emotional rock for someone.

Many UHS students have voiced their deep interest and appreciation for the arts. 

 “I’d say art has impacted my life pretty positively. It’s a good coping mechanism and helps me center my mind,” sophomore Georgia Damboise said. 

National Arts and Humanities Month encourages a broad range of arts and artistic activities, many of which show themselves in the media we consume. 

“It’s a hobby I picked up when I was young. I learned a lot of new things, discovered a lot of media I like through art, and met new friends through it,” sophomore Linda Cai said.

While many may fear entering art or humanities as a hobby, Cai encouraged others to dip their toes into Arts and Humanities month.

 “I think Arts and Humanities Month is a good way to educate people about art and encourage people to pick up learning art,” Cai said.

Even if someone doesn’t want to become an artist, they can still support Arts and Humanities Month. The Arts and Humanities Month website encourages people to participate and raise awareness for art-related organizations. The organization also recommends spreading awareness through methods like mentoring newer artists and dedicating events to it.

“In my opinion, the Arts and Humanities month is very important. It welcomes others to new hobbies and facets,” Damboise said.

Overall, UHS students are in consensus on the positive effects of Arts and Humanities Month. 

“I think Arts and Humanities Month is a good way to educate people about art and encourage people to pick up learning art,” Cai said.

In conclusion, the celebration of Arts and Humanities Month has been an invaluable tool for self expression and engendering community at UHS.