Dance Invitational


“This is Me” by UHS

The University High School (UHS) Dance Company hosted their annual Dance Invitational, a joint performance including UHS and five other schools: Brea Olinda High School, Newport Harbor High School, Northwood High School, Sunny Hills High School and Corona Del Mar High School (CDM), on January 9 and January 10.
The Dance Invitational was created so that dance companies from different schools could share dance styles and bond with each other. This experience allowed the UHS Dance Company to watch and learn from the other visiting schools. Individual dances were also critiqued by a panel of judges to offer advice on how to improve their skills. Trina Sarkar (Sr.), UHS Dance Company president, said, “The UHS dancers are able to meet boys and girls who are facing the same challenges that they are, as teen dancers face. It is an incredible experience!”
The Dance Invitational’s audience filled over two-thirds of the theater for both nights. Each dance was met with enthusiastic applause. The different genres as well as each school’s individual style brought a unique quality to every dance. In particular, CDM’s “Never Grow Up,” Newport Harbor High School’s “Dirty Business” and UHS’s “Nani Hedaya” were especially impressive.
Charlene Huang (Jr.), a member of the UHS Dance Company, was very pleased with the performances. Huang said, “I obviously love performing, but for me, the greatest moment [of the performance] is the bow. Everyone gets on stage and is acknowledged for all the hard work that they put into the show. It is a moment where there is no set choreography, and we are just partying and the audience is cheering.” For her, having fun and expressing herself are the most important parts of dancing.
The UHS Dance Company will have two more shows this year: Dance Showcase and Dance Company’s Annual Spring Show. Dance Showcase is on February 20 and 21, and Dance Company’s Annual Spring Show is on May 23, 24, 30 and 31.  Dance Company promises that these shows will be just as entertaining as the Dance Invitational!
Staff Writer