November Artist of the Month:


Timi Fang

Haley Hsu

Ryan Noorizadeh, Staff Writer

November’s Artist of the Month is Haley Hsu from Advanced Graphic Design. Regarding her nomination, Hsu said that “I have a strong passion for art and I really enjoy taking art classes at Uni so being recognized for something I really love means a lot to me.”

Hsu got into art early, first attending classes at age five. At these classes, she “began to realize that [she] loved doing art and…so [she] continued to take classes every Saturday from then on.”

For Hsu, her artistic evolution focused heavily on the bounds of art and how it functions as a conduit for limitless creativity. “I became more interested in art when I realized how much you can do with art—it’s more than just coloring inside the lines,” Hsu reflected, describing an “openness and creativity of art [where] there are no rules or limits.”

Hsu’s passion manifested in a zine that she made for Beginning Graphic Design, a project that Hsu is especially proud of. She described it as “a short book about what it’s like to be a teen in the 21st century. It’s based on mental health issues, societal pressures, academic expectations, and self image.”

Hsu was nominated for Artist of the Month by graphic design teacher Mrs. Kramer. “It’s one of my favorite classes of all time,” Hsu commented about Advanced Graphic Design. “This is one of the only classes I don’t have to lug myself to and I actually look forward to class,” Hsu said.

Hsu highly recommends graphic design to UHS students. “Even if you don’t think you’re good at art, it’s such a great learning experience working with different computer programs and creating pieces of art you can be proud of,” Hsu stated.

One part of the Advanced Graphic Design program that Hsu enjoys is being able to engage with the artwork of others. “It’s inspiring to see other people’s personal styles and processes of creating different pieces,” she commented 

“Seeing someone else’s amazing design can make you more critical of your own and discourage you from believing in your own style,” Hsu said, before reminding others interested in Graphic Design that you shouldn’t “judge yourself too harshly.”

“Everyone has different styles and ways of doing things but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other,” Hsu said.