Girls Tennis Victorious in CIF Against Harvard-Westlake


Emily Sun

Senior Co-Captain Jane Lee prepares to serve.

Alex Meng, Staff Writer

The girls’ tennis team scored a victory against Harvard Westlake in their first CIF game. The final score was 12-6 UHS. 

Following an undefeated season, in which the team won all their 12 games, girls’ tennis marched into CIF with the best record in the league. This had definitely exceeded the expectations of many players. 

“To me, the team went a lot farther than expected,” senior captain Megan Bee said. “This time we had an amazing team with people from every year pulling their own weight.”  

Since this was their first CIF game, the team held high hopes and went into the game with a more determined and focused mindset. 

“We came into the match anticipating to put up a really aggressive fight to defend Uni’s home courts,” junior Anna Slavuk said.

When asked about how the team performed, the players praised each other and were proud of each other’s determination and effort.

“Everyone played incredible tennis,” Slavuk said, “In particular our doubles team really improved throughout the whole season, leading them to play a pivotal role in the win.” 

Along with scoring a victory, the team learned valuable lessons and further bonded together. 

“My favorite part of this game was the car ride and we ate at Shake Shack after the match,” Bee said, “It was another team bonding experience filled with yummy food, the game Crazy Eights, and lots of music.” 

With this game being in the UHS homecourt, the school came out to cheer for the team. The boys’ tennis team also came out to rally for the girls’ tennis team. 

“My favorite part of the match was how spirited our team was throughout the game,” Slavuk said. “Guys from the boys tennis team came to support, which was greatly appreciated by the whole team.” 

Following the victory, the team advanced into the second round of CIF, and came out with a loss  on November 10th.