Rivalry Game Rebranded to Unity Game

Nour Khayat, Staff Writer 

The annual rivalry game against Woodbridge High School was renamed the Unity Game this year following years of animosity and physical altercations between students from each school.

UHS implemented Unity Week this year from Oct. 24 to Oct. 29. The week concluded with UHS’ final football game against Woodbridge High School. UHS students participated in the Unity Week spirit by dressing up for the themed days of the week: Monday as Trojan Army Day, Tuesday as Twin Day, Wednesday as Anything But a Backpack Day, Thursday as Monochrome Day, and Friday as Halloween Day. 

Woodbridge High School has been long considered UHS’ rival when it comes to athletics. However, after a series of fights broke out between UHS and Woodbridge students over the past few years, the UHS administration made efforts to eliminate the tension between the two schools. 

“Year after year there would be fights, so we changed the name to Unity Week,” senior and Spirit and Rally Commissioner Kody Alarcon said. 

While the changing of the name was the most major step the administration took to alleviate tensions, students still continued to build up their spirit and pride for their respective schools leading up to the game. But there was a greater emphasis on unity between the two schools. 

“The idea behind Unity Week was to let go of the long-standing toxicity from our rivalry with Woodbridge and instead come together as two schools and be unified,” senior and ASB Vice President Mila Nenadic said. 

Woodbridge High School shares the UHS football field for its home games, so both teams were considered “home teams” for the Unity Game.

The lunchfest events that took place during lunch throughout the week were an additional approach to building up the school unity. 

“Throughout the week we had dress up days and lunchfest events centered around unifying the students of UHS. Our goal was simply to promote togetherness and stay true to our school’s slogan of ‘Better Together,’” Mila Nenadic said. 

UHS took a loss of 6-30 against the Woodbridge Warriors to conclude the Unity Week Game.