Mental Health During Wellness Week


Karolyn Maeda

UHS students engaged in drawing activities as a part of Wellness Week.

Victoria Fang, Journalism Club Staff Writer

UHS hosted its first Wellness Week of the academic year in the week leading up to finals to promote the mental health and well-being of students from December 6th through the 10th.

Students enjoyed lunchtime wellness activities, snack giveaways, and morning hot cocoa throughout the week-long event. ASB Student Wellness and Life Commissioners, Sam Maradani and Kayla Rezazadh, coordinated the event with aims to enhance mental health around campus.

“The goal of Wellness Week is to alleviate any overwhelming amount of stress students may be feeling during such a busy time,” Maradani said. “Our small positive interactions with students throughout the day can prove to truly impact them in a positive way.”

This semester’s holiday-themed Wellness Week included multiple dress up days: Bring Your Bed to School Day on Monday, Ugly Sweater Day on Wednesday and Holiday Pajamas Day on Friday, as well as daily lunchtime activities: Blood Drive on Monday, Yoga on Tuesday, Holiday “Chill Space” on Wednesday and Holiday Movie Home Alone on Thursday and Friday. 

In relation to college applications and completely in-person finals since the COVID-19 pandemic, UHS students took Wellness Week as a beacon of positivity and motivation, finding comfort in connecting to one another during what are trying times for many.

“Wellness Week has helped me relax more and slow down,” freshman Leyah Eager said. “I have been working on school work while also taking time to prioritize my mental health.”

Inclusivity has grown to be an important concern across school districts, where students from all backgrounds may have an equal access to quality education and treatment. Unification and liveliness were prioritized during Wellness Week with an overwhelmingly positive return; the presence of stuffed animals throughout Monday classes and the laughter while watching Home Alone in the library were especially embraced by many.

“I’ve spent a lot of my time at UNI trying to combat the, in my opinion, competitive culture here after experiencing a period of fairly poor mental health myself,” Maradani said. “Wellness Week is a time to emphasize the importance of caring for oneself, even in stressful times because we all deserve to be well-nourished, taken care of, and happy!”

By the end of Friday, students were reminded of the importance of finding their own equilibrium between rest and study as the week came to a close and the new year approached.