Boys Basketball is Defeated by Aliso Niguel

Sebastian Favela Reyes, Staff Writer

The UHS Boys Basketball team took on Aliso Niguel High School for their 15th game of this season on January 5th, 2022. UHS was defeated with a score of 46-72, culminating in the team’s 9th loss so far.

Aliso Niguel’s offense during the game was aggressive as they constantly pushed against UHS’s defense during the first two quarters. 

“Our defense lacked, we were out of position, which allowed the other team to run through their offensive easier,” reflecting after the game, senior Jad Hajj-Shehadeh said. “We need to go back and fix our defensive rotations.”

There are a myriad of reasons the UHS team believes they underperformed. For one, the game took place right after Winter Break, an important factor that seemed to affect UHS’s game plan. After the long break, some players weren’t ready to jump back into the season.

“Coming off a break there was rust,” junior Christian DeBarge said. “From now on we just need to get more reps in going through in-game scenarios.”

During the last two quarters, UHS was almost able to catch up and tie the game, but Aliso Niguel kept on pushing through UHS’s defense and scoring.

After the game, UHS faced Beckman, winning with a score of 70-6.