UHS Girls Soccer defeats Beckman 3-0

Sebastian Favela Reyes, Staff Writer 

The UHS Girls Soccer Team defeated Beckman High School, 3-0, on January 16th.

UHS played an excellent offensive game, making many passes and moving the ball a lot while Beckman tried to keep up. 

Lexi Rabold opened the scoreboard for UHS, further energizing UHS’ offense and weakening Beckman’s performance as a result.

“We focused on formation tactics and movement on and off the ball before the day of the game,” junior Faith Hong said. “At home, we hydrated, recovered, and slept as well to be 100% during the game.”

UHS had played against Beckman previously, which resulted in a tie. Since UHS knew the ins and outs of the Beckman playbook, they practiced and prepared accordingly.

”We knew that they were very aggressive and that they pressed hard so we used our quick passes to be able to get through them,” junior Kate Stenta said. “We also knew that we used our cheering and vocalized more to our advantage.”

Sophomore Jade Fiumano and Stenta scored two more goals for UHS. Following UHS’s scoring spree, the team eased their offense and played more defensively. 

Team members reflected on their experience, mentioning their enthusiasm to honor seniors on the team, for whom this season is their last. 

“We wanted our seniors to win and make this experience for them a good one, especially because it’s their last year playing with us,” Fuimano said.

Following the game, UHS played against Northwood and won 2-0.