UHS Senior Assassins 2022


Mae King

Seniors take part in the annual Senior Assassins game after the start of the fall semester.

Lila Sepici, Staff Writer

After a long semester of hard work at UHS, seniors get together to organize their annual game of Senior Assassins. The game is well organized and very serious about its rules, since the administration can call the game off if any of its activities are dangerous or inappropriate.  It is important to remember that Senior Assassins is a completely student-led activity and has no connection to UHS Administration whatsoever. However, because it involves a large number of the senior class, it still can be a concern if not operated correctly by the gamemaster.

With a $5 entry fee, students get to be an assassin as well as a target at the same time. The game progresses in rounds and includes a set of rules and timelines, as well as safe zones that are modified to challenge the students as the game goes on. Safe zones are places a player cannot be eliminated.  They include at sporting events, elective performances and practices, jobs, UHS during school hours, religious institutions, and medical facilities. Eliminating someone while driving is strictly prohibited and does not count towards the game. The rules state that if an assassin kills their target before a round is over, they have the choice to assassinate their target’s target. The rules of the game require players to “assassinate” their targets by getting them or their clothes wet using water guns, water balloons or anything else, as long as they are not found on campus. For a kill to count, the game requires its players to provide a video recording of their elimination process, including their target getting wet, the weapon used, as well as the date, time, location and the target’s name.

The main goal of the game is to eliminate the person assigned to you without getting eliminated. To be able to win the jackpot, students aim to be the last one standing.

This year, the jackpot for the winner is $1,030. The game started on Jan. 19, and round one ended exactly 12 days after that on Feb. 4. After round one, 159 players out of 206 survived.

Overall feedback from the players so far is very positive.

“I had a blast while I was still alive. However, it is nice to not worry every time I leave my house,” senior Malik Ataya said. “It was also fun and entertaining having to talk with a few people to find out details and information about my target so I could try and get them, the whole process was nerve wracking.” 

Senior Jared Malhabour was also eliminated a couple of days into the game.

“I had some fun with it, mostly from finding out who was assigned who,” Malhabour said. He believes that the best method to eliminate someone is using water balloons. “I feel like they just have the most range and accuracy.”

The game gets more competitive as the rounds progress, since there are some players that are starting to feel more confident as they get their targets. Senior Jason Kyle, who “assassinated” his target early on in the game by following him to a gas station, says winning is the ultimate goal.

“It will definitely be hard with a lot of people, but I think it is possible,” Kyle said. “Using water guns that aren’t pistols are probably the best weapon to use for the game.”

Since round one ended on Feb. 4, safety zones and some rules were modified to make the game more challenging. The Instagram account @uhsseniorassassins22 is currently posting live updates.