SAC and Spirit & Rally Commissioner Spotlight

Lila Sepici, Staff Writer

Many students around UHS show an interest in our Associated Student Body (ASB) throughout their high school experience. This leadership-based facet of University High School consists of about 24 positions, including Secretary, Treasurers, Sports Commissioners, Class Presidents, Vice Presidents and more. To be involved in ASB, students either get elected at the annual Election Convention or get appointed by previous members and involved staff, depending on the position. All 2021-2022 ASB positions and members, as well as the Candidate Packet to run for next year, are on

Some members that the students get to see in action the most are the Student Activities Coordinator (SAC) and the Spirit And Rally Commissioner (S&R).

This year, the SAC is senior Wyatt Mackellar and the S&R Commissioner is senior Kody Alarcon.

“The best experiences I have had at Uni were centered around its events and activities,” Mackellar said.

Being the SAC, Mackellar organizes and promotes almost all of the events, gets ASB involved in Univision, and helps the Spirit and Rally Commissioner.

The Spirit And Rally Commissioner is responsible for promoting school passion and participation among the students, as well as organizing pep rallies, football games and other events the SAC is working on.

“To be able to speak directly to the student body during lunch fests and pep rallies is something I am really grateful to do,” Alarcon said. “It’s one of the few positions in ASB where the student body can actively judge how well you are doing and in some ways that is scary.”

Being back from quarantine full time this year, both Mackellar and Alarcon feel more passionate about making sure the student body has a good experience in school activities.

“A lot of the students didn’t get to experience a traditional year because of COVID, so I wanted to run for SAC to somehow help create the high school experience I had before the pandemic,” Mackellar said.

Having seen previous ASB members lead and organize events, Mackellar and Alarcon both strive to see people enjoy school events.

“I spent a lot of time thinking back to what it was like my freshman and sophomore year to try and give the same experience and enjoyment to the underclassmen,” Alarcon said. “I had a lot of fun planning the events, and [I enjoyed] the unique opportunity to reintroduce Uni’s past traditions while being able to innovate them to my liking.”

Alarcon also shared that one of the moments where he felt the luckiest in his S&R experience was the last lunch fest, earlier this year.

“It had a great turnout and the most class involvement up to that point. I felt lucky that I got to experience it with such cool people from all grades,” Alarcon said.

Mackellar, on the other hand, shared that his favorite part about ASB is the people and how they all have the passion to make sure everyone on campus feels welcomed and comfortable.

For students that are interested in pursuing a position in ASB, Mackellar and Alarcon both have advice to share from their experiences.

“Go for the position that you really want and are passionate about. If you are truly passionate for a position, it will show and it will be received by the student body,” Mackellar said. “Running for SAC was definitely one of the scariest experiences I’ve been through at UHS, but also one of the most rewarding.”

Alarcon, also supporting Mackellar’s advice, believes that the key is: “Know what you want. Some of the positions are more niche and others are more general, having an idea of what you want will help you not only get into ASB but will help you be successful when you get there.”