“On My Block”: A Comprehensive Show Review

On My Block: A Comprehensive Show Review

Reagan Gregory, Staff Writer

The show “On My Block,” starring Sierra Capri, Diego Tinoco, Jason Genao and Brett Gray, is about a group of lifelong best friends who are faced with many issues that both break and strengthen the friend group’s bond.

The first season revolved around Olivia, played by Ronni Hawk, the daughter of immigrants that had sent her to America right before her 15th birthday. One of the main characters, Ruby, began crushing on Olivia and decided to throw her the perfect Quince to make up for her missing her parents. 

Another predicament that the group tried to deal with was Caesar being jumped into the gang that his family was involved in. Caesar was against it, but knew that joining the gang was inevitable when his brother got out of jail early.

An emerging subplot in Season One consisted of Jamal looking for the “Rollerworld” money, money from a heist many years before that was never recovered. When the clues throughout the first nine episodes lead the group to a dead end, Jamal goes on his own search while all the others are at Olivia’s bittersweet Quinceanera. Throughout the first season, the group goes through their own minor issues that humor the audience, but by the end, the audience is left with a huge cliffhanger and a tragic death.

The second season did not have as many comedic relief scenes, making it more serious than the previous season. In this season, they dealt with money laundering and an increase in gang violence. Caesar got even more involved with the gang that his older brother was involved with, except this time, Caesar embraced it.

Cuchillos, the behind-the-scenes ringmaster of the Serpent gang, was impressed with everything the kids did for the gang in the second season and had the kids kidnapped. Cuchillos presented the kids with what felt like a wild goose chase in exchange for their lives at the very beginning of season three. This season had an entirely different ending than the previous seasons, making the show less predictable. 

While the previous seasons had plots that were built upon or solved, the fourth and final season failed to do so. The show ended with multiple cliffhangers, but one of the creators of the show said in an interview that this was done completely on purpose. 

There was not enough time to close every gap in each plot line. The show was canceled after season four was renewed. However, this cancellation was most likely due to the limited budget that the production crew had and not its popularity. Indeed, the show was named the most binged show on Netflix in 2018, which surpassed its counterparts “13 Reasons Why” and “The Haunting of Hill House.”