Boys Tennis remain undefeated after victory against Irvine


Emily sun

Senior Zino Mirtorabi in position as the round starts.

Alex Meng, Staff Writer

The UHS Boys Tennis Team defeated Irvine High on April 12 with a final score of 15-3. The win allowed the team’s undefeated streak to stay alive, bringing the overall record to a perfect 22-0.

The win came after the boys’ tennis team won the hard-fought National All-American Tournament. When the team previously faced Irvine High on March 10, they defeated them with the exact same margin of 15-3. Despite being undefeated, the team did not let the win get in front of them and treated each game with the same intensity and mentality. 

“We try to ignore it and treat each match with the utmost importance; however, it’s impossible to disregard the fact that we’ve won 22 straight matches as well as the National All-American Tournament,” senior Konrad Walter Wu said.

“The team’s winning streak motivates us to keep on making sure we’re at the top of our games and putting in our best effort,” senior David Huang said. 

As the score indicated, the team did not face too much of a challenge in facing Irvine. 

“We go into our matches confident and expecting we’re gonna win, while the other team is going in expecting to lose,” sophomore Sanghyuk Im said. “The game was pretty boring, since it wasn’t even close.”

As the team expects to make CIF, they have been practicing nonstop and making necessary adjustments, including experimenting with new doubles formation and pairings. 

 “The team did well adapting to their designated roles and new partners,” Wu said. “We had a few doubles players move to singles to divide playing time as well as experimental doubles pairings to see what’ll work best in post-season matches.”

In addition to just winning CIF, the team is participating in the Ojai Tournament. Despite it being a hard and challenging tournament, the team has full confidence in taking home the gold. 

“Up next is the Ojai Tournament, which is gonna be hard to win,” Im said. “After that, there’s going to CIF, which we’re expecting to win, and then CIF Regionals, which we’re also expecting to win.”

After defeating Irvine, the team again won their next games against Laguna Hills and Woodbridge. The team will begin their journey in the Ojai Valley Tournament on April 21, 2022. 

“Our team is looking forward to playing teams outside of the Pacific Coast League at CIF and Regionals” Wu said.