The 2022 Festival of the Absurd

Alex Lindenberg, Staff Writer

UHS held its annual Festival of the Absurd from Mar. 29-31. True to tradition, the festival showcased several absurdist plays written and directed by UHS’s AP Literature and Composition classes.

“It was exhilarating to have our play chosen,” senior Ayushi Shah said. “Each AP Lit student had to write a play, but I believe only around ten or so were chosen, and it really felt accomplishing to know that mine was one of them.”

As excited as the two seniors were to participate, they encountered a few challenges leading up to the event, with last-minute preparations for their center set piece involving some panic and stress.

“The weekend before our play was performed, my friends and I went to school at like nine p.m. and made a giant cutout of a clock using cardboard, but we left it outside overnight and it got soaked in the rain,” Shah said. “We did not think that one through, and we had to get new supplies and make a completely new clock afterwards.”

After writing scripts and preparing for a live performance, Shah and many other absurdist playwrights at UHS have had unforgettable experiences.

“The most memorable moment of the festival was when Greg from our play, “OH MY GREG,” did the Misca Musca dance from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” Shah’s partner senior Airene Calaycay said. “It was hilarious!”

Overall, many seniors found writing and performing for the festival an enjoyable experience as they near the end of their time at UHS.

“My experience at the festival was great, and anyone there could witness the outstanding amount of supporting students that came out to watch the plays,” Calaycay said. “It was fun, entertaining, and unique.”