UHS MUN hosts its 11th Spring Conference

Tracy Le, Staff Writer 

The UHS Model United Nations (MUN) club hosted its 11th spring conference on Mar. 26 after three months of planning and organizing. This year’s conference had seven committees, three advanced and four novice, accommodating 200 delegates and eight attending schools.

Freshmen Rachel Chen, Nguyen Do, Joshua Hsi, Rustin Jafarkhani, Brian LantzKazuma Okada, Anusuya Paul, Sarina Rabiee, Bruno Rodriguez Diaz, Ramona Rymzhanova, Ryan Shababa, Arya Torpunri, Benny Tsabba and Claire Wen along with junior Alexander Meng received at least one award at the conference.

“[The conference] was definitely chaotic at first as we were sorting out placards and certificates, but I absolutely enjoyed hosting the conference and seeing all the delegates being so passionate about their topics,” Secretary-General Sophia Wang said. 

First-year UHSMUN delegate freshman Christopher Burke won Best Delegate in the committee The Salem Witch Trials.

“I really enjoyed the conference and it was the most fun [experience] I’ve had so far since there were a lot of twists and turns,” Burke said.

Freshman UHS MUN delegate Benny Tsabba expressed the unity and the positive energy of competition between delegates in each committee.

“I think that the amount of participation [as well as] the unique and creative solutions the delegates came up with really stood out at the conference this year,” Tsabba said. “It was a bit chaotic in the best way possible because we were trying to push out solutions and we all just wanted to try our best to achieve the best results we can have.”

After the UHS MUN conference, Wang hopes for continued success for UHS MUN spring next year.

“Because of COVID concerns this year, we did not have an opening ceremony,” Wang said. “I am hoping that next year, the future Secretary-General is able to host a good opening ceremony!”