Boys Lacrosse Senior Night Ends in a Success

Alexandra Suttner, Staff Writer 

Boys Lacrosse defeated Marina with a final score of 22-8 on Apr. 29. This was the team’s final league match, going into CIF with a 7-5 record. It was the team’s fourth consecutive win, ultimately placing them fourth in the league. 

“It was a really great win for us heading into CIF, and personally I think it was the best we have played all season,” senior captain Shreyas Shetye said. 

By the end of the first half, the team had scored 12 points, while holding Marina to just 5. Within the second half, the team nearly doubled their score to 22 points while maintaining the intensity defensively, allowing only 3 more points by the end of the match. 

The team’s win is attributed to their strong bond, which has created a fast-paced, well-connected style. The entire team contributed to the team’s success.

“Everyone was integral to the team’s success,” senior captain Krutav Mididaddi said. “Our sophomore captain, Koa Saito, won 99% of the faceoffs helping us put up a score of 22 goals. Our attack was clicking, putting up a hefty amount of goals. Our right attackman, Shreyas, finished with three goals, our lefty attackman finished with six, and I was able to put up eight as the x attackman.”  

The team has fulfilled major improvements since the beginning of the season, including playing at a more fast-paced speed. Their quicker speed has created many more opportunities to score. 

Both of the captains acknowledged the team’s strength in communication. Communication has helped the players connect on and off the field. 

Overall, the team is proud of their successful season, ending with a 12-8 overall record and qualifying for CIF. This season, the team was able to finish with the best record in UHS history.

“Qualifying for CIF is a big accomplishment,” Mididaddi said. “Just three years ago we weren’t even ranked. With the new coaches we were able to turn a new leaf and qualify for CIF two years in a row.” 

The team competed in two rounds of CIF and ultimately lost their second match to Crescenta Valley on Apr. 9, ending their season.