A Boy, a Burrito, and a Cookie: a book review

A Boy, a Burrito, and a Cookie, an autobiography by Richard Montanez, changed the way I view what is impossible. This book gives readers hope for the future, teaches the reader not to regret their past but to remember and learn from it and, most importantly, to cherish the present.
The meaning behind the title, A Boy, a Burrito, and a Cookie, originated from Montanez’s childhood experiences.
On his first day of elementary school in the U.S., Montanez brought his own lunch, but when he noticed that his lunch was different than everyone else’s, he felt embarrassed and put his burrito back in his bag. He went home and told his mother that he would prefer to bring the same lunch as the other kids, but his mother refused to comply to his request. So the next day, his mother packed him two burritos and told him to make a friend with the other burrito. Not only did Montanez make a friend, but he also started selling burritos for 25 cents each.
One day when Montanez was returning to class, in lines separated by race, he suddenly decided to step into the Caucasian line because students in the Caucasian line received cookies while students in the Mexican line did not. When he reached the front of the line, the teachers passing out the cookies were impressed by his courage and decided to give him 2 pockets full of cookies. Montanez, glad that he had not listened to his more compliant friends, became less fearful of taking risks from this moment on.
From his two inspiring experiences, Montanez learned that he could be successful if he tried. However, he dropped out of school at a very young age. He knew that dropping out of school was not the wisest decision, but he did not let his level of education determine his life.
His most astounding accomplishments occurred after he dropped out of school: he began his career as a janitor but ended up as an executive of PepsiCo.
I highly recommend reading this book for anyone who wants to read about how Montanez’s  courage and bravery led him to be the successful man that he is today.
Staff Writer