A Guide to Local Theatre

SCFTAs lineup includes plays from popular movies and books.

SCFTA’s lineup includes plays from popular movies and books.

Arpi Gharadaghian, Staff Writer

House is open! The Segerstrom Center For the Arts (SCFTA) recently kicked off its season of spectacular shows this August and the upcoming plays are nothing short of showstopping. To celebrate and support our local theaters, we will be taking a look at the wonderful productions happening in our backyard at SCFTA. 

Starting the year off strong, SCFTA opened with “Hadestown” this past August and will be showing the popularized production of “Hamilton” from the end of September through October. Those who may have watched the production from the comfort of their homes during quarantine now have the opportunity to enjoy the show live. 

Next to perform is the cast of the hit jukebox musical, “Moulin Rouge!” What separates this production from other touring shows is its use of modern music. If you’re looking for a musical with a dramatic and comical plot, this may be the show for you. Although content may not be for all ages, the show cultivates a lively environment and a familiar space for music. 

As the winter season approaches, you can venture off into a world of sugar plums and snowflakes with “The Nutcracker.” Featuring splendid choreography and a renowned musical score, this classic ballet piece is a seasonal favorite. 

Next on the calendar is “To Kill A Mockingbird,” based on the quintessential American novel by Harper Lee. If you enjoyed studying the book in ninth-grade English, the musical adaptation is a great opportunity to revisit the adventures of Scout and Jem Finch. This show will be a great representation of the timeless classic. 

For all Disney fans, “Frozen” is scheduled to hit the Segerstrom stage on Feb. 1.  Disney’s hit movie returns in the form of live musical theater that includes songs from the original film as well as new additions to the music score. The cast is currently on their North American tour and will be performing until Feb. 19. 

Finally, bringing it back to the school scene is “Mean Girls.” Mark the date on your burn books for March 7 through March 19 when they are set to perform. If you’re a fan of the movie, this show is the one for you. There are jokes and references to the movie woven throughout the songs that make it an upbeat and sassy show. 

It may be hard to make time for shows within our busy schedules, but whenever you get a chance to see a show, it’s a great way to escape into the world onstage and spend time with family or friends.