Steps for choosing a dress for Winter Formal!


As for prints, a dark elegant brocade can be stunning with a youthful cut. Your dress should reflect your day-to-day style and personality.

Winter Formal is right around the corner, and there is one topic girls cannot seem to get off their minds: dresses. While prom is all about long dresses, formal gives teens a chance to break out the knee-length dresses and dance the night away free of constrictions! But how exactly do you find that perfect dress, and what should you consider when selecting it?
Step 1: Keep the rules in mind! When choosing what to wear, keep the school’s dress code in mind. You can still look great while being appropriate. A winter formal dress should fall at or just above the knee.
Step 2: Get inspired by fashionable people! Finding inspiration is the start of finding a dress. Search up what celebrities wore to red carpet events. The American Music Awards are a good reference because the celebrities tend to dress trendier and not overly formal like they do with the Oscars. With inspiration in mind, check and Both provide a wide range of dress selections and prices range from $30-$500 depending on the brand.
Step 3:  Find the perfect dress. The trends are leaning towards tighter, sleeker silhouettes that allow for comfortable dancing. Straps or some form of support is recommended, but if your dress is strapless, be sure that it fits properly. While the dress’s length and cut should be fun and sleek, remember that you would not want to be worrying about your dress when you are on the dance floor!
Formal is traditionally in the middle of winter, so bright colors, tie-dye patterns or summer looking florals are not the components of a perfect winter formal dress. Whites, ivories, dark colors, metallic tones or blacks are good colors for a solid winter formal dress. A dark elegant brocade can also be stunning with a youthful cut. Your dress should reflect your day-to-day style and personality. When in doubt, go with a Little Black Dress (LBD). Your favorite LBD can do you no wrong.
Step 4: Accessorize! Once you have the perfect dress, try to find accessories to make it stand out even more. If your neckline is open, a statement necklace will add a punch to your look, or perhaps a shimmering bracelet will add some sparkle. When selecting shoes, keep comfort in mind. Even though students sometimes slip off their heels to dance more comfortably, it is still a good idea to pick a medium-sized heel (anything over 2 ½ inches is risky). Make sure that your dress and accessories do not overpower you. You do not want to look uncomfortable or swallowed by your clothes.
Step 5: Finishing touches Complete your look with perfect hair and makeup. If you have an open back dress, having your hair up would be a good idea to show the back detail. Flip through prom magazines or photos online for hairstyle ideas. Your makeup should be fun but also light and durable. A solid foundation and a glossy lip with some shimmering eye shadow, light eyeliner and your best mascara should do the trick.
Choosing the perfect dress is winter formal can be tiresome but pays off in the end. Remember to have fun at Winter Formal and take a lot of pictures in your new dress!
Written by KAREN ZHENG
Staff Writer