Halloween 2022: Fresh Ideas to Try for This Year’s Spooky Day


Robert Linder

Carving pumpkins is one option to celebrate Halloween this year.

Angela Hou, Staff Writer

With the first quarter of this school year ending, many students are looking forward to Halloween, which falls on a Monday this year. While many have already set in stone their Halloween plans, for those struggling to find last-minute activities, here are some fresh ideas to do with your friends and family to make the best of Halloween.

1. Halloween DIYs

Whether it’s making a flower bouquet using autumn colors or continuing the good old tradition of carving Jack O’ Lanterns, these festive crafts can quickly step up your Halloween game. A simple craft such as Luminarias can add a special touch to your pathways, which are traditional lanterns made out of paper bags with sand and an LED light inside. Making a jar of pumpkin spice using cinnamon, ground ginger and ground cloves can serve as a Halloween and autumn gift too! The options are endless when it comes to DIYs, not to mention that you can even invite your friends and family members to join you. 

“As a high schooler, trick-or-treating is just not for me,” sophomore Yihan Wang said. “But I am a crafty person and would love to stay at home and do something special just for Halloween.”

2. Tricks and Treats

Free candy is one of the highlights of Halloween and it is all the more a treat after a long candy-hunting expedition. For those in the mood to get out of the house and engage in the yearly tradition of trick-or-treating, there are several options nearby. A good site for trick-or-treating could just be around your residence, but if you are a serious trick-or-treater, neighborhoods such as Sierra Bonita in Turtle Rock are one of the best places to gain a plentiful candy harvest. 

However, you might find more joy in the tricks of Halloween than the treats, which can be found in the comfort of your own home in the form of a scary movie or TV show. When it comes to Halloween movies, there are countless options to choose from, from classics such as “Hocus Pocus,” “The Haunted Mansion,” and “Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School,” all of which are popular options. To make the night even more special, try inviting your friends over to host a Halloween movie night complete with jumpscares and popcorn!

“In my opinion, scary movies are a must for Halloween,” sophomore Clarice Xu said. “In fact, my family kind of already has the activity as a tradition where we watch Halloween movies every year instead of trick-or-treating.”

3. Spooky Attractions

For those looking to venture further from their local haunts to celebrate Halloween, there are a variety of attractions around Irvine, from pumpkin patches to amusement parks. 

Looking for a pumpkin but don’t want to just purchase one from the grocery store? Pumpkin patches are a great place to shop for your perfect pumpkin. Local pumpkin patches include Tanaka Farms and the Seasonal Adventures Pumpkin Patch. Not only can you pick out your very own special pumpkin, but the sites feature seasonal adventures, such as rides, food and photo ops. 

Besides pumpkin patches, Knott’s Scary Farm is another Halloween destination that’s famous for its festive attractions. With the theme park transformed just for Halloween, the park is filled with spooktacular mazes, sinister shows and many more attractions. But before you go, be prepared for the fact that more than 1,000 terrifying creatures are lurking in the park!

“I actually [have] been to Knott’s Scary Farm earlier this month with my friends,” sophomore Christy Xu said. “I just love how they were able to really imitate the atmosphere of Halloween so that people can feel the ‘scare.’ The experience was really fun as my friend [and I] enjoyed [going there].”

4. Closet Costumes

Another big component of Halloween is dressing up in costumes; however, it can be quite difficult to come up with a costume idea at the last minute. Halloween costumes are not as complicated as one may think though; try to find any red or white clothes in your wardrobe, and after a quick DIY of two horns and a halo, a matching devil and angel costume are up in no time. Alternatively, don a white button-down T-shirt, a black vest and a black shawl to get the classic vampire look. Bring your costumes to the UHS runway during lunch on Monday, where students can show off their costumes by walking down the red carpet near The Crossroads. Those who participate are always greeted by a wave of paparazzi and fanfare so be sure to join in on the fun!

“I think costumes are the main point of Halloween,” freshman Jennifer Ren said. “Without costumes, it just wouldn’t be Halloween anymore.” 

Even pets can join in on the fun with miniature costumes fit for the occasion. 

“Another special thing that I like to do for Halloween is dressing up my corgi in cute costumes,” said Clarice Xu. 

Even though Halloween might appear to be just a normal day for busy high school students, one can still find fun activities to do. With this year’s Halloween quickly approaching, it will provide a refreshing break from school for students.