Art’s Impact


Yazmin Tinoco

On the outside of the choir room, the class of 2005 Senior council recognizes the performing arts of University High School. Photo by Yazmin Tinoco.

JD Szeto, Staff Writer

October is National Arts and Humanities Month: a time for the appreciation of the beauty, importance and impact of art. Various artistic mediums can convey messages, appreciate cultures and entertain audiences. 

Whether it be in music, film, or drawing, many people find certain pieces of art that resonate with them. As a result of personal experiences and opinions, ideas on what makes art meaningful are diverse.

Visual art such as paintings can impact individuals centuries after their creation.

“I’ve always enjoyed the Impressionistic genre of art, especially Claude Monet’s works,” sophomore Sarah Hong said. “As a child, I remember painting a beginner-level replica of the famous Water Lily piece and it still fascinates me to this day how the smallest touches of paint can create such a great painting.”

Animation is another medium that can instill a feeling of wonder in those who appreciate it.

“I think the short film ‘Puparia’ is truly a work of art . . . This scene is able to subtly capture a fundamental societal issue where people are seen as flawed if they are different from the masses,” sophomore Juliet Kozlov said. “I feel like this movie really resonates with me and it makes me wonder what else the author has hidden in its illustrious drawings.” 

Music can be filled with emotion as well and UHS is home to many eager musicians.

“Learning [Clair de Lune] has helped me articulate my skills and improve myself as a pianist while also giving myself an enjoyable experience,” sophomore Daniel Niktash said.

“One of my favorite violin pieces and a solo piece I’ve always wanted to play is ‘Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso’ and I just love Saint-Saëns songs,” sophomore Ally Kim said. “For UNI’s fall orchestra concert, we’re also playing a Saint-Saëns song that I’m really excited [about].”  

The ways students at UHS appreciate art are diverse, but it is a shared experience of many to have a piece of art that resonates with them.