Highlights from Paris Fashion Week



Paris Fashion Week hosted some of the largest fashion brands in the world including Gucci and Balenciaga.

Arpi Gharadaghian, Staff Writer

From spray-on dresses to 68 identical twins, this year’s Paris Fashion Week was full of show-stopping works from incredible designers. 

Gucci opened fashion week with an incredible array of 68 pairs of twins walking side by side in identical pieces. Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, sent a secret team of twins to Twinsburg, Ohio, for their Annual Twin Convention to scout for possible candidates to walk the runway. At the largest and most recognized annual gathering of twins in the world, Gucci ended up finding a pair of Twinsburg natives for their show in Paris. For this fashion week, Gucci decorated their models with eccentric colors, shapes and patterns. To tie each ensemble together, some models wore decorative headpieces draped over their heads. The looks varied from colorful and vibrant materials to monochrome color schemes, while other models sported a less conventional look made of silk and vibrant color palettes. One odd recurring theme was the use of a white and brown gremlin printed on skirts or used as an accessory tied around like a belt.

While Coperni’s fashion show had many famous guests including Kylie Jenner and Cara Delevingne, it was Bella Hadid who stole the show, walking onto the runway bare with only a g-string on. Standing in the center of the runway, members of the Coperni crew began to cover her with a white spiderweb-like material. What first seemed like spray paint, the “Fabrican” dried into cloth upon contact. After the dress had been completed, another crew member proceeded to peel straps from her shoulders, creating an off-the-shoulder slip dress.

While the materials were different from the Fabrican, the performance shared similarities to the spring Alexander McQueen’s show in 1999, where robots spray painted a model’s dress. The Coperni designer team, Sebastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillan used a liquid fiber that evaporates when it hits a surface. Manel Torres, the inventor of the Fabrican, invented the polymer material and claims the fabric has a suede feel to it but can be altered to the designer’s vision. 

This year’s fashion weeks brought new ideas and enchanting looks to the runway, leaving audience members and fashion aficionados all around the world excited for what next year brings.