Joe Biden Visits IVC


Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG

President Joe Biden delivers a speech about health care at Irvine Valley College in Irvine, CA, on Friday, October 14, 2022.

Elizabeth Wu, Staff Writer

As a part of President Joe Biden’s three-day tour to Southern California, he visited Irvine Valley College (IVC) on Oct. 14 to talk about lowering costs for American families, cheaper healthcare and prescription drugs. President Biden spoke to a crowd of 150 people, including Katie Porter and IUSD Superintendent Terry Walker. 

Before visiting Irvine, Biden viewed the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs complex to tour the new Metro D Line Subway Terminus Project which will result in 124,000 fewer tons of carbon dioxide being released into the air while saving 14 million gallons of gas.

During President Biden’s speech at IVC, he discussed the Inflation Reduction Act which will lower the eligibility rules to claim a tax credit for clean vehicles by 30%, affecting individuals and businesses, according to the IRS. This act will also lower the cost of insulin and impose a $2,000 annual cap on prescription drugs for seniors. President Biden additionally covered topics such as the increase of Social Security checks and the decrease of Medicare premiums; he believed this was a large development for senior citizens. 

President Biden also acknowledged Katie Porter for helping pass the Inflation Reduction Act.

“You are a fighter, you’re decent, you’re honorable and everybody respects you,” President Biden said.

Though some students were surprised that President Biden would visit Irvine, others were not.

“The majority of Irvine residents support [Katie Porter] and himself,” junior Tara Choudhary said. “Peoples’ pride may go up and there may be an increase in support for both Katie Porter and Joe Biden rather than neutrality.”

When the president reached his destination at IVC, more than 1,000 protesters were rallying together on the surrounding streets in hopes of sparking more support for the Iranian people. Across the world, protests have erupted to speak out against the Iranian mandate for women and girls to wear headscarves or hijabs. After a 22-year-old woman died after being detained by the moral police for allegedly violating the country’s hijab law, demonstrations for freedom have exploded. Protesters say they want a change in Iran’s regime, and the protesters outside IVC said they want world leaders, including President Joe Biden, to be forceful in denouncing the regime.

“I want you to know we stand with the citizens and brave women of Iran, for real, who, right now, are demonstrating to secure their very basic, fundamental rights,” President Biden said.

With California’s voting for the 47th Congressional District Election coming to an end, President Biden used encouraging words to show support for Katie Porter.

“I think the president showing up [to Irvine] might turn the tides of the votes enough to change the [ballot] results,” sophomore Benjamin Lee said.

President Biden thanked Katie Porter for her help and concluded his speech by reminding Americans that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. President Biden then traveled to Oregon to continue his tour.