UHS Celebrates Annual Unity Week


Malea Weaver

Students support UHS Football at the Oct. 28 Unity Game against Woodbridge.

Tracy Le, Staff Writer

UHS’ annual Unity Week took place from Oct. 24 through Oct. 28 in preparation for the final football game of the academic year. True to the event’s name, festivities promoted togetherness and mutual support amongst the student body. 

The week was packed with a variety of dress-up days and lunch fests aimed at increasing school spirit in anticipation of the Oct. 28 football game against Woodbridge High.

Trojan Army Liaisons senior Kate Stenta and junior Alec Apelian spearheaded preparations for the week.

“We tried new things like a poster-making lunch fest where students could make their own posters and see them at the game in order to create a more inclusive and spirited environment,” Stenta said. “Alec and I worked really hard to get a lot of people into the game and show their spirit with as much blue as possible.”

On Monday, Unity Week kicked off with a Surfers vs. Bikers dress-up day, followed by Pink Out on Wednesday and Twin Day on Friday. Lunchtime activities included the Students vs. Teachers Basketball Game and poster-making for the football game on Friday.

A favorite event of the week was the Students vs. Teachers Basketball Game, which ended when math teacher Mr. Eric Shulman scored a 3-pointer, securing a victory for the teachers. Mr. Shulman explained how the excitement generated by the game spurred enthusiasm for more staff and student activities to be held in the future.

“The teachers and I normally do a 5v5 before school every Friday so we naturally trained every week,” Mr. Shulman said. “We had a lot of fun playing in the basketball game with the students and it was a great experience for students to see their teachers outside of the classroom.”

The week’s events culminated in the football game—a spirited conclusion to the 2022 season.

“The Trojan Army at the Woodbridge game was insane,” Stenta said. “I have never seen a crowd so into the game and so supportive of our team. Everyone came together and showed their spirit in such an amazing and cohesive way that made the crowd extremely special.”

This game marked the last high school football game for many in the Class of 2023 as seniors entered the stands for a final cheer with their friends. 

“I think it was a memorable final high school football spectating experience,” senior Kyle Tou said. “It was nice to be able to hang out with my friends at the football game one last time.”

Even though the outcome of the football game was not desirable, many students felt more connected. 

“I hope that our Trojan community feels a little tighter and is more inclusive [with the conclusion of Unity Week] and supportive of every student from all different activities,” Stenta said.